Fun and Easy Clay Pictionary

A fun and creative modelling clay/play dough card game. The perfect indoor activity for hours of fun! 

If you already have flash cards, you can use it for this game.  If you don’t have, use ours. The set consists of 26 alphabetic flash cards. We have designed them with the little ones in mind, with objects easy to recognise and sculpt.

Download Flash Cards [Kliek hier vir Afrikaanse weergawe]

  • PDF document[1.28mb] – Print out on card stock, cut and laminate.
  • Individual images of flash cards[2.32mb zip file]. Perfect if you are unable to print, display the pictures one by one on a phone or tablet in the middle of the table. This is a zip file, so you will need to unzip this(on a pc) before accessing the pictures. 
  • Facebook gallery. If you are on facebook, you can just open our flash card gallery and display the pictures via our fb-page on your mobile device.


  • Modelling Clay / Play dough
  • Flash Cards
  • Any “tools” like, plastic knives and forks, toothpicks, kebab sticks, straws, etc.
  • Place mat or piece of paper to protect the table and to sculpt your creations on.

RULES – Playing the game:

  • Shuffle and place all the flash cards face down on a pile in the middle. 
  • Each person get’s two or more clumps of clay. You can each play with your favourite colour or use different colours to sculpt. The choice is up to you.
  • The youngest person takes the top card and place it face up next to the card pile.
  • Everyone sculpts the image shown on the card, in 2D or 3D. [see gallery below]
  • You can play just for fun or for points. Allocate one point to the person who finished their sculpture first, however it does have to resemble the picture. Don’t be too critical, remember this is a fun activity.
  • Optional: you can set a timer for one minute and allocate a point to everyone who has finished in time.

Most importantly: HAVE FUN!!

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